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Ph.D. Thesis:

  1.                         (2023) Thesis title "Randomness assisted Holography and Ghost Diffraction"

  2.                             (2023) Thesis title "Helical modes and polarization guiding to deliver optical information through random scatterer: Looking through randomness"

  3.  Darshika Singh (2021) Thesis title "Developing unconventional holography and imaging methods using intensity and polarization correlation: spatial statistical optics approach".

  4. Vinu R. V.  (2016)  Thesis title "Shaping and analysis of laser speckle for imaging application".

Masters Thesis:

  1. Bishwanath Pal - M.Sc. Physics (2021-23) - Thesis Title: Orbital Angular Momentum flux changes due to propagation

  2. Vishal Prajapati - M.Sc. Physics (2021-23) - Thesis Title: Tailoring of coherence and polarization of the light by multi-layered interfaces

  3. Shreshthi - M.Sc. Physics (2020-22) - Thesis Title: Exploring similarities of quantum correlation with the thermal light source

  4. Narendra Singh - M.Sc. Physics (2020-22) - Thesis Title: Coupling space and polarization mode

  5. Parag Sharma -IDD Physics (2017-22) - Thesis Title: Optical states tomography by machine learning

  6. Subhro Das - IDD Physics (2017-22) - Thesis Title: Image Classification for medical images using deep learning

  7. Aditya Chandra Mandal - IDD (2017-22) - Thesis Title: Coherence holography with single pixel camera & Inline polarisation holography assisted by deep learning

  8. Udaybhan Singh - M.Sc. Physics (2019-21) - Thesis Title: Coupling space and polarization modes to structure the light

  9. Rishabh Kumar Bhalavi - IDD Physics (2016-21) - Thesis Title: New applications of Winger distribution function

  10. Archiska Patki - IDD Physics (2015-20) - Thesis Title: Determination of optical properties using Jones matrix 

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