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 From July-Dec. 2023: 

Events & Activities: 

  • Oral talk by Mr. Sourav Chandra on 7th October 2023 

              Topic : "Seeing the invisible through dynamic scattering media"​

              Venue: Seminar room

  • Talk by Prof. S. Prabhu (TIFR-Mumbai) on 12th October 2023 

              Topic : "Terahertz (THz) Spectroscopy Applied to the study of Materials"​

              Venue: Seminar room

  • Talk by Dr. Somak Bhattacharyya, Department of Electronics Engineering, IIT-BHU,  on 17th October 2023 

              Topic : "Recent Trends in High Frequency Communication"​

              Venue: Seminar room

  • Lecture talk by Prof. Olav Gaute Hellesø

              Topic : "Optical trapping and Raman spectroscopy of biological nanoparticles"​

 & Prof. Balpreet Singh Ahluwalia, Department of Physics and Technology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway on 20th October 2023 

              Topic : "Development of advanced optical microscopy for bio-imaging application"

              Venue: Seminar room

  • Outreach Activity: Visit of class-XI students of Bengali Tola Inter-college, on 30th October 2023 

              Program Highlights: * Talk on "Exciting world of Light and Optics" covering topics such as                                                            reflection, refraction, scattering, interference, diffraction, polarization,                                                        application of Optics, etc.  ​

                                                 * Experimental demonstration of phenomena of light such as reflection,                                                        refraction

                                                 * M.Sc. Lab visit and live demonstration of various experiments related to                                                      diffraction, interference, and polarization.

                                                 * Science Quiz and games 


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